Number captures the city material in progress, through the body that has become.

Number is not a situationist drift but a progression of less towards more.

Number convokes Pan (All) and leads him to exhaustion of his instincts into the heart of the city.

Number is a knot in the wood material of the city.

Number is a radiant urban raking to remove the earth without hiding the rakes.

Number is the slow cut on a piece of the city’s cake to split its cherry.

Number exploits the artificial wealth of the city as monument, machine, network.

Number becomes acutely aware of the human, pedestrian and traffic anthill and plays with this bustling city.

Number is weaving with the contextual, spiritual and physical knitting.

Number considers the city as a field of randomized experiments.

Number crosses highways and boulevards, goes along avenues and suburbs streets.

Number gets through and makes vibrate urban erogenous zones.

Number causes meetings and the raw rediscovery of identity, society, environment.

Number is not a walk but a starry mesh of a territory.

Number is a critical horizontal progress that deals with the feeling of sensitive verticality.

Number paces daily a portion of the city mapped by that date.

Number is the client of the city as dealer.

Number is a triptych around an H-hour > Harvest / Creation / Invitation

Number tinkers urban, mobile, impromptu scenographies. 

Number requires all the faculties of one’s atlas-axis, wheels, foot arches and diaphragm, hard palate, cranial vaults, or none.

Number does not create images, but relief in 3D from the reality of any  dimensions.

Number is not fixed in a theatre, but does not avoid the stage so far.

Number plays with threshold, voiceover, scale, repetition, depth, the personal and the collective.

Number does not lay in a black box nor in a white box but displays the colors of the day.

Number exposed itself to 360 degrees as a Peripatetic. 

Number observes people and things and then let them observe.

Number as the number… of encounters, crossings, choices, invitations, possibles.

Number as the number… of visited cities, streets surveyed, of rubbed places.

Number as the number… which allows us to account, describe, add, calculate and keep rhythm. 

Number as the # “hashtag” sign in front of the keyword of the common house.

Number as the # ‘number‘ sign where lines, paths, people are crossing.

Number as the # ‘sharp‘ sign that elevates a semitone the note considered.

December 2008