Do not concentrate on yourself without breathing, O Yogin […] enjoy the Spontaneous and forsake [those] bonds which have the whiff of becoming! Dohakosa de Saraha, sq. 44 & 53, quoted and translated by André Padoux, Aux sources du Bouddhisme, Fayard

Everything moves, vibrates, interacts. Planets, stars, rivers, tree sap, molecules, electrons, organic body cells, blood, emotions, sound waves in the air… are in perpetual flux. Energies already exist and are exchanged through simple visual, tactile, sound, sensory contact… But sometimes things are stuck. We can have an intuition and sometimes a deep awareness of these tiny movements. Our breathing is an empirical key to capture these micro-moves, to be attentive to our own sensations and those of others. Breathing consciously means observing the diffusion of oxygen in the body and the lengthening of the inspiration, the full retention of air, the expiration, the empty retention, not by blocking each phase but rather by visualizing the whole as a sinusoidal flow. This first access to invisible movement, as well as mindfulness meditation, helps us to taste the incessant activity of the inner body and to integrate the impermanence of everything. Everything passes. And so we can empathize, contradict or play with these flows becoming stimuli. Space and time are our play partners on stage wherever it is, but also in a closer relationship with the other.

This is why after a long practice of contemporary dance of many different styles and in particular of contact dance, improvisation, yoga, and Vipassana meditation, I wished to develop Tantric massage (Tantra in sanskrit: तन्त्र literally means “loom, warp, weave” then “theory”), as a way of spiritual opening thanks to sexual energy, broadly speaking, in total attention with the interior movements of the person and considering the infinite range between pleasure and pain, without engaging any penetration. Breathing together, letting the mind go, taking time, which usually tends to be accelerated, listening to the sensations of the partner receiving the massage as well as to his or her own feelings, considering the whole body as multiple sources for muscular relaxation and integrating all the know-how of the dancer who knows the moving body of the other through his or her own body, and finally making circulate this sexual energy to irrigate it through the brain and increase the erogenous zones.

Laid down without clothes on a comfortable but firm flat surface, in a warm atmosphere, the patient is massaged with arnica oil all over the body, from the feet to the top of the head for the circulation of energy, very much in contact with the skin, listening to the sensations, the muscular chains and fascias, the ample breathing and every nuance sent back by the sensitive areas. The massage lasts at least 1 hour and a half.

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