RAIN-BOW Variations

Seven different colours or nomenclatures / Pantone which constitute the 7 colours of the rainbow, are the support of future projects of creation called Rain-Bow, questioning the city and its heterotopy, diversity, queer gestures and the social ecologies of bodies. To explore practices of co-existence and experimentation in the “versatile” urban- and land-scape.

First a meteorological light phenomenon that presenting the colours of the visible spectrum, the rainbow, and the reunion of the 7 coloured veils, makes sense in 2023 after several years of performing with individual monochromatic veil of 3 x 30 meters long, on a monumental scale in the public space. Six strip veils in lycra named Street Pantone because of being as oblong as the tab of a colour chart, and one rectangular green veil of 12 x 7.5 m.

Each time, a new colour appeared on commission of a festival, linked to its graphic charter :

In 2015, Yellow Street Pantone explored the city of Prague (CZ) at the PQ / Prague Quadrennial set design festival. > Videos
In 2016, Purple Street Pantone invested the Antigel festival in Geneva (CH) with its graphic charter in purple, which programmed a photo exhibition of 45 installations, taken in the 45 municipalities of the Canton. > Video + Catalogue
In 2018Blue Street Pantone contrasted with the reconstruction’s white architecture and the modernist cathedral of Royan (F) in the district of Foncillon, for the Month of Architecture. Royan evokes the marine royal blue. > Video
In 2020, the Sismograf festival with turquoise graphic chart in Olot, Catalonia (E), was canceled but ordered a video during the international lock down > Video. Street Pantone solo was then programmed in 2021 > Video.
In 2021, Orange Street Pantone invested the Gamenson Park during Mimos IN festival in Périgueux (F) whose entire graphic history is in orange, maybe due to the ochre of the occitan culture. > Video
In 2022Sinople (all green in heraldry) piece, co-produced by the Mimos gesture’s arts festival in Périgueux (F), questions how this colour conditions us. It is chosen to use a rectangular format with the same amount of material as for the strips. > Trailer

In 2023, Red Street Pantone invites itself to the Chalon dans la rue festival in Chalon-sur-Saône (F) whose municipal logo is red as well as the graphic charter of the festival.