SINOPLE, #3 performers about green colour, creation 2022

How green colour conditions us ?

Sinople refers to the generic of all types of green in heraldry. The performance deals with ecological, aesthetic, scientific and philosophical issues related to green colour. This polymorphic, ambivalent colour, according to historian Michel Pastoureau, refers to hope, youth and nature, but also to the current greenwashing in marketing and politics, to the ambiguity of playing fields, to jealousy and to evil or taboo representations. This medium colour is located in the middle of the coloured visible spectrum and thus of electromagnetic radiation, but also on the surface of our planet, between the incandescent core and the ultraviolet atmosphere.

How does green condition our agri-food survival, our future cities and landscapes in front of industrial and pharmaceutical lobbies linked to the challenges of the Anthropocene? Does it embody our inner impulses and our idealised and nostalgic desire to return to nature, which is often reduced to a coloured flat surface? What does the intelligence of plants teach us about this balance to be found, about our deepest movements, (bio)diversity and our humanity? The sound score aims to interweave the human voice, “green music” and the “song of plants” collected in the city’s green spaces.

A graphic gesture of bodies with a green artefact

The 12 x 7.5 metre Green Screen Pantone in lycra also serves as a green background to reveal the spaces in the crossing of an architecture from outside to inside. Just as the monochrome veil redraws the existing places, the art of drawing also plays the vegetal profusion in the minimalism of the line. The travelling piece is divided into 7 symbolic tableaux of the universal history linked to our relationship with plants. It evokes primitive life / sedentary life / industrial and digital revolutions / idealised present / environmental crises / crazy or sustainable urbanisation / issue of resources.

DOSSIER Sinople > Création 2022


Choreography, scenography, dance, singing : Gilles Viandier / Dance, singing : Gaspard Charon / Composition, flute and singing : Clotilde Rullaud / Drawings & Video : Morgan Navarro / Lights : Line Muckensturm / Dramaturgical look : Damien Gault / Production : Promenade d’artiste, Adeline Pierrat / Coproduction : Théâtre de L’Odyssée, Scène conventionnée, Périgueux / Accueil studio : Dans les Parages, Marseille & Marseille Objectif Danse, Groupe scolaire Robespierre, Aubervilliers. Support of ADAMI for the video recording.

BOOKLET-STORYBOARD (A5 folded from A3), designed by Morgan Navarro and distributed to the audience after the show :