STREET PANTONE, #30 meters > Europe 2015-2020

How to live in the shared space of the city where more than 70 % of the world’s population will live in the future? Redrawing its fringe areas, playing with its flows, exploring its architectural and sensitive nature, questioning void and waste? By weaving the variety of speeds and scales, a dancer with his oblong and colored veil challenges the places, invents constructive gestures and images modified by movement, inviting dwellers and bodies to meet.

At the same time monumental and compact, elastic and colorful, elegant and battered, fragile but persistant… the artifact Street Pantone is a fabric of dance , made of lycra, 30 meters long and 3 m wide.  Through a minimal ressources approach it carries symbols, necessities of human conditions  (clothing, shelter, curtain, carpet, potential and value of water…), aesthetic references (classic drapes, flags, folds, Land art of Christo & Jeanne-Claude …) and architectural desires. As a nomadic and dynamic vector, both link and border, it challenges the artifice, metamorphosing reality and landscape, becoming a paintbrush, a spectrum, an actor, or the leitmotiv of a comic strip , turning itself permeable to situations, travels, invents scores, des rhythms and states of the day.

Activated by performer and choreographer Gilles Viandier, Street Pantone becomes a singular duet in the common space, creating ephemeral monumental installations, in a travelling form, linked to the context, history and identity of heritage places, cities or landscapes invested, interacting with the audience and the inhabitants. They evoke the sailor and his sail, the painter and his color, the traveller and his load, the worker on a building site, the architect with his lines and measurements, the faun and a nymph’s veil, Draupadi’s endless sari in Mahābhārata… and also the iconography of bird and snake, opposing forces representing worlds on the margins in Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology and in the traditional societies of Black Africa.

With Street Pantone, each installation opens a singular time and space for a choreographic performance where the physically and musically (voice/singing) committed body takes advantage of the site by drawing dynamics and evoking multiple symbolics.