Contemporary dancer and choreographer, Gilles Viandier (France, 1974) was first graduated as an architect in 1997, questioning the urban and artistic conversion of multiple industrial sites in Europe and especially in Rennes, Brittany. He was trained in the National Choreographic Center (CCN) of Rennes (Catherine Diverrès) and Montpellier (Mathilde Monnier) and then worked in Montpellier with the companies of Jackie Taffanel, Michèle Murray, Didier Théron, Hélène Cathala, Patrice Barthès – in Marseille with Georges Appaix and Christophe Haleb, Christine Fricker – in Paris with Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, Ben Aïm brothers, Philippe Ménard – in Switzerland with Philippe Saire, Perrine Valli and Nicole Seiler. He also worked in various projects around Europe like Tilburg/Netherlands (Fred Momotenko/Hans Tuerlings), Copenhagen (Pipaluk), Ujgorod/Ukraine (Waldemar Kretchkowsky). Since 2019 he’s also joined the Anima Fact butô collective directed by Stéphane Cheynis in Forcalquier (F).

He lived for 5 years in Berlin and collaborated with Abraham Hurtado, Willi Dorner, Christoph Winkler, Ami Garmon, Kathleen Reynolds, Jeremy Wade, William Forsythe for his Human Writes performance, and The Village experience initiated by Peter Stamer with 27 other Berliner choreographers. Then he lived for 4 years in Cádiz, Spain and worked in the last triptych piece Al Baile about the flamenco bodies, creation of Juan-Carlos Lérida inaugurated in the Mercat de les flors in Barcelona.

Also amateur musician (lyrical singer, piano, clarinet and trumpet), he took part in several musical projects of choirs, opera, stage direction and improvisation, especially within the Wooden Organ/Grandeur Nature trio projects conceived by the visual artist Denis Tricot and electro-acoustic musician Eric Cordier. Having a Master degree in Theatre Studies in 2003, he designed a few sets for theatre companies and also some gardens. He practices yoga, meditation, tantric massage and teaches Dance Contact Improvisation. In 2018 he participated as a choreographer with the composer Alberto Carretero (Sevilla) in the Prototype V program of the Royaumont Foundation. He is an associate artist at the Labo Novo, International Station of Performance Art in Reillanne/Provence (F) driven by Maria Mouriès, and lives in Marseille since 2021.

Since 2006, he has been developing the transverse and generic project #Number# questioning urban perception, body commitment, representation and has been creating performances based on the comprehension of public spaces, its diversion and the viewer’s role in several variations and residencies throughout Europe (Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, Blanca/Spain). He developed performative installations with the textile artefact Street Pantone during the Prague Quadrennial 2015, in the festival Antigel 2016 of Geneva and presented it in various galleries, dance gatherings and festivals. His choreographic research explores a conscious oscillation stemming from the Authentic Movement and the synthesis of his choreographical experiences.

Since 2018, Promenade d’artiste the production structure of Denis Tricot’s creations also supports his own projects. In 2020, as associated artist he is commissioned to survey, design and build the new urban scenography of the Mimos festival in Périgueux (F) postponed in July 2021.