CONVERGENCES, Montpellier, Zagreb, 2006-2008

In 2006, the research called #Number# was born in Montpellier around the issue of convergence. Almost every city is a result of the convergence of people, rivers, roads, trade and commercial exchanges, banking, community, convergence of political decisions, etc. The audience also converges on the show.
In a very humble way, it was all about exploring the star-shaped convergence of 6 streets towards a confidential and pedestrian square in Montpellier, the Place St Roch (patron saint of the travelers!). These streets extended outside the city constituted 6 entry points to make a walk to this square in the centre. A solitary time to walk, think and collect: perceptions, feelings, stories, found objects, words, people, gestures, desires, ideas… then restore this harvest on the square in the form of a choreographic palimpsest: an impromptu which works with the real and imaginary material of the place, testifies to the journey made by the footprints it has left, creates a scenography with the loot of the day, advances ideas on what marks/disturbs/grows in the city and also in the daily news.

In September 30. 2006, during the QuARTiers libres festival in Montpellier, #Number# started solo from the Mosson flea market, at the terminus of tramway 1, and walked towards St Roch square, collecting spaghetti, caddie, various objects, clothing, a telephone number looking for cleaning hours… and built an hour of performance.
In July 2008, this process is shared with improvisers (dancers, musicians, actors) invited by email in order to create the convergence of 6 different performers each day during the 13 days of the Festival Montpellier Danse, Place St Roch at 1pm. I gave them bus/tram tickets so that each walker could reach one of the 6 city entrances 2 or 3 hours before. About 40 people attended. 6 different flyers are made with 6 colors corresponding to 6 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese).

Saint Roch Square
Meeting point everyday of the running Montpellier Dance festival
from June 23. till July 5. at 1:00 pm
6 dancers, actors, musicians, improvisers arrive from
6 different places located all around the edge of the city
converging in a straight line towards the crossing routes
They will have left 2 hours before from these 6 districts:
Mousson / St Jean de Védas / Sortie Ouest / Grammont / Le Crès / Agropolis

A solitary time to walk, think and collect:
Thrown away objects, words, people, treasures,
perceptions, feelings, stories, desires, ideas…
… to occupy the square and share one hour improvisation
Spontaneous composition – Tuning into others – Trials – Errors

In September 2008, the convergence principle is displayed in Zagreb (Croatia) in the Arts Pavillon, on a square with 6 entrances, during the Improspekcije festival organized by Zrinka Simicic and Sonja Pregrad.