A PESAR DE LA AUSENCIA DE TÍTULO, #-1 title > Berlin 2014

Despite the absence of title, as it is said of an untitled work, but also literally in Spanish : Weighing the lack of title.

Sisyphus citizen

A man finds a second birth thanks to dumbbells (pesas in Spanish) of 10.5 kilos by clinging to them and them clinging to him.
Like a wavy line under the sky, a wave of steel is transformed into a feather as much as a weight. Echo of the burdens of the world : an anchor, a bone, the branch of a tree, a raft, a wig, some weapons: a shield and a sword, a fishing rod, the stick of a tightrope walker or a majorette, a bench, a sceptre or a crown, the replacement of his arms, bull horns, a moustache in the Dali way…

Despite the absence of title, evokes the calvary journey of this citizen Sisyphus who travels through his years. A primitive, dirty and sacred urban act, inhabited by ancestral, pictorial, sporting gestures and the reminiscences of our daily tasks that can sometimes give us wings.

Music: Without Shades [Album : Cannot Walk Fly Instead]- artist: ZAGAR

Video: Laurent Odelain    http://laurentodelain.com