AL BAILE (3rd part trilogy) – Juan Carlos Lérida, 2016

Choreography: Juan Carlos Lérida with David Climent and Gilles Viandier – Dramaturgy: Roberto Romei – Lights: Marc Lleixa – Sound space: Jordi Collet – Outlook: Lipi Hernandez – Production: Danilo Pioli – Coproduction : Mercat de Les Flors, Barcelona, Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, Asso. Flamenco Empirico.

“Juan Carlos Lérida finishes with dance his trilogy Los cuerpos del flamenco (Bodies of flamenco) after having explored, in Al toque (To playing, duet with Raúl Cantizano) and Al cante (To singing, duet with El Niño de Elche) the flamenco body of the guitarist and the singer. In Al baile (To dance) Lérida makes his own body, grafted onto other bodies outside flamenco, a field of research, striving to find, as a seeker of precious metals, the dance in each of its organs.” Fernando LR Parra

Issues of an empirical re-evaluation of memories in flamenco. Study of the creation process of Al Baile by Juan Carlos Lérida. Caroleane Sanchez.