Biennial of Architecture, Cluj-Napoca (RO)

In October 2015 #Number# is invited by Daniela Maier, director of the Scena Urbană association from the Council of Architects, to intervene along 4 different events of the Biennial of Architecture of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca, Romania:

VECTOR – Installation during 15 days on the facade of the Continental Hotel re-opened for the occasion, inviting the public to enter the main exhibition and pointing the aerated condition of the building.

SHELTER – During the public lecture of the 8 architects composing the jury, the entrance of the Philharmonie’s Auditorium Maximo along the Kogalniceanŭ Street isolate completely the public from the traffic flow.

WINGS – The Ethnography Museum of Transylvania (MET) invites 50 writers to read their “housing poem”.

VIBRATING STRING – During the closing gala and award ceremony at the National Theatre, the yellow carpet from the pavement becomes an undulating textile musical string.