CANOP’ÉCRITOIRE, Happening Dance-Writing

The Canop’écritoire was created as a result of performance experiments carried out since September 2020 at Les Correspondances literary festival in Manosque (Alpes de Haute Provence, F).

The public are invited to write and engage their bodies in a different way in a site-specific installation, a writing hut. They will be immersed under the green of an artificial canopy, surrounded by multicoloured furniture, in a setting that is both open and intimate, to stimulate the imagination and writing. An hour of score open to expression, playing on the present, the unexpected, the impromptu, and inviting movement.

  • Collective awakening of the body and an embarkation pitch for happening.
  • Induce writing through a game of visualisation/conscientisation of the energy required by the writing instructions (on the theme of flight, double-savage or to be deliberated together).
    Individuals are invited to transform their work and translate it into body language.
    Reading of texts selected at random, read by the actress Hélène Lemaire or by the author.
    The dancer responds with a haiku in movement, inspired by the productions, set to appropriate music. The improvisation can involve volunteer participants.
    The sheets of paper will be hung on a taut rope to allow the texts to wander around.

Length of writing time: 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the number of participants, which determines the number of writing instructions.