COMMUNEXTASE – Christophe Haleb, 2015

CommunExtase approaches the collective figure of the artistic work on a backdrop of idleness. This community of four young people summons our struggles, our desertions, our solitudes, our organizations, our bodies that don’t fit in their place, that are always somehow outside of them, exploring or travelling through their environment, extended and sometimes even dispossessed of themselves, through their senses.
The aim here is to question the “common” and to invent an immediate life that brings together speeches, projections, sounds, archives, dances… Inventing a possible space of cohabitation where the individual articulates with the collective.

Conception, Choreography and Scenography : Christophe Haleb – With the collaborators and performers: Caroline Breton, Alejandro Flores, Olivier Muller, Gilles Viandier – Music: Benoist Bouvot – Image: Alain Trompette – Film direction: Christophe Haleb. Lighting: Brice Gharibian. Stage manager, image and sound: Yann Hereng.

Production: LA ZOUZE – Cie Christophe Haleb:

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