, September 2020

+++ Article La Montagne, St Flour (F), September 18. 2020

Gilles Viandier unveils the heritage By Yann Bayssat

Former architect turned dancer, Gilles Viandier proposes performances in an urban environment with his pantone, a 30 meters long fabric. He will be in Saint-Flour tomorrow.

This fabric, Gilles Viandier stepped on it by chance, he found it. A long piece of lycra, 30 meters long, more than 2 meters wide. Stretchy, sturdy. The dancer thought he could use it. He tests it at the Prague Quadrennial. “I was like on a diving board, facing the unknown.” But the experiment is conclusive, and he glimpses the infinite possibilities of the object.

A few years later, he presented his street pantone at the Aurillac festival, and left a lasting impression. The Departmental Council then suggested that he come back for the Heritage Days, which he will do, tomorrow in Saint-Flour, on Sunday in Salers. But what does this have to do with heritage? “I trained as an architect, and I always have this view of the city, of heritage, which nourishes my dance. The city is my framework, my world of reflection. And with my fabric, I add a touch of color to it, I interact with what it offers me”. “There is a real coherence,” adds France Harvois, the museum director. His performance will offer another view of the Episcopal Palace, the museums and the Place d’Armes.”

After a short passage this summer “but which has matured well since” then two days of in situ work, Gilles Viandier will propose a show thought for the place, finally leaving little room for improvisation, or as a jazzman, based on rigor and work. His canvas, orange for the occasion, will sometimes be an element of the space, sometimes a support for his choreographies. He will be bullfighter, homeless, pregnant woman, Christ according to the moments and the glances. Even Minotaur, since he has recovered a pair of horns. All the heritages will pass through it, reviewed and revealed.