Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin 28. & 29. May 2022

Invited to the DDF, Dublin Dance Festival, whose graphic charter includes turquoise and pink, Street Pantone dialogues with Christ Church Cathedral, founded in the 11th century and rebuilt in the late 19th. The tour begins on the Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz’s bronze sculpture Homeless Jesus, a nomad veiled on a bench. The performance wanders between the 2 majestic trees of the garden questioning Afterlife, then skirting the building all the way to the southern forecourt, with the design of a circular labyrinth. The tension established between the cathedral’s entrance and the figure in waders confronts the audience with the stigma of gender and questions the work of the street.


Musics : Colin Vallon Trio, Immobile – Arcade Fire, Afterlife – Laboréal, 524 Hz – Colin Vallon Trio, Le Vent – Vivaldi, Cum Dederit.  Photos : Mark Stedman & Jon Riordan.