EN PASSANT, #22 arcana including 1 without a number > LaboNovo, Reillanne (F) 2020

In this exhibition-performance, the visitor is invited to experience transformation as (s)he encounters the Tarot’s 22 major arcana. On these cards, symbols and wisdoms have been used throughout centuries and civilizations in order to gain access to the depth of the self and to a certain understanding of the universe.
The spectator becomes a traveler. In the beginning (s)he walks alone through different encounters with the arcanes, paintings, objects exposed along the way. A personal, visual and sound experience modifying the relationship to space and time. The traveller grows up with the teaching of the masters, facing the mirror, blossoming under the stars and awakening the self consciousness in the world.

A yellow thread guides him/her to a space where a character representing him/her is dancing, playing, struggling, curling up and freeing himself from a blue guiding, protective and dictatorial thread/fabric.
In osmosis with the artists and the world, the visitor seems to belong to the great All. Images and instruments are increasingly connected to the 22 sequences of the journey. The symphony gives way to silence, as the inevitable and eternal restart.

Paintings, texts and exhibition: Maroussia Duchamp – Music: composition, arrangements and interpretation: Neil and Julian Chablaoui, Marianne Le Moign – Choreography, dance and installations: Gilles Viandier – Lights: Alexandre Afonso – Photos: Maria Mouriès – Teaser: Loïc Lasne.