LOURMARIN (F), Heritage Days 2023

Invited by Le Grand Ménage and Karwan in Lourmarin (Vaucluse in Provence).
The choreographic route follows the path of water from the top of the village to the damp Plantade where the Rayet stream flows. It highlights the many fountains and architectural singularities, starting at the washhouse with its communal dryer, following the rue du Coucou, playing in the rue de la Fontaine couverte, the place de l’Ormeau and the Fontaine aux trois masques.
Design and performance: Gilles Viandier – Camera: Eric Müller – Sound and Editing: Gustave Lebras.
Music: Four pieces on one note, for orchestra, Giacinto Scelsi  – Le Coucou, Daquin –  Rhapsody in Blue, George Gershwin – 524 Hz, Laboréal – Blue, Joni Mitchell – Periscope, Amber Decay.