In a vibrant, carnivalesque ritual, OPTICKS celebrates the public’s invitation to dance and participate in the creation of a moving scenography. At a time when every nation and community is displaying its flag, isn’t it salutary to evoke that of peace and militancy against discrimination? Is communion possible in the celebration of human diversity? How do bodies express their singularity through gestures and links, haptics and optics?

After playing with the identity of urban spaces and landscapes with each of the 7 monochrome veils named Street Pantone, it’s time to experiment with the visible and invisible induced by their rainbow union.

In his book Opticks (1704), Newton theorised the breakdown of white light into 7 colours. For OPTICKS, vital energy is embodied in 6 characters led by the dance of the 7 coloured veils. They bring our individualities together through vibrations, carnivalesque variations and rituals in which the boundaries with the spectators are blurred, and each explores his or her own Pantone palette.

Choreography : Gilles Viandier with the participation of the performers : Caroline Deyber, Alessandro Franceschelli, Louis Gaillard, Pauline Lavergne, Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot, Gilles Viandier.
Musics : Libera Me, Lars Danielsson – Drop & Dance, Ofrin – Lili, Electric Rescue – #25, Holloys – Multi Colors, Laboreal – Samson And Delilah (Aria), Klaus Nomi – In Stitches, The Bad Plus – Intro (Soundsculptors), Yonderboi – The Coup, MEUTE x Henrik Schwarz.
Co-productions : Association Promenade d’artiste (13) / Culture Lub – Le Grand Ménage, Cucuron (84) / MOD – Marseille Objectif Danse, Marseille (13) / FMO – Fierté Marseille Organisation, Pride2Weeks Marseille (13) / Labo Novo, Maison d’art et d’essai, Reillanne (04) 

Wide flat space of 15 x 15 m minimum – Open air – Duration 1h