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Residency in AADK Spain

In May 2017 I spent one month at the Centro Negra in Blanca, small creative city of the community of Murcia, welcomed by AADK Spain [Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur] directed by Abraham Hurtado and Elena Azzedín. The quality of public spaces drove me to cartography the area with social behaviours repeated in time.

The final presentation took the form of a performative parcours on 10 public squares associated with 10 verbs of action, during 10 heures, inspired by the book Histoires de gestes, ouvrage collective work under the direction of Marie Glon and Isabelle Launay, Actes Sud 2012.

10 simple actions

How can 10 action verbs be carried out for 1 hour each, in 10 public spaces chosen for their use in response to this action?
11:00 Ruins of Blanca Castle : Climbing
12:00 Church Square (presence of the clock + bells) : Turning
13:00 Theatre Square : Falling
14:00 Tunnel under the road between 2 districts : Singing
15:00 Bus station Square : Sitting
16:00 Roundabout of Friendship (Rotunda de la Amistad) : Resting
17:00 City Hall open air car park : Shocking (cars & viewers)
18:00 Segura River Basin under the metal bridge : Stomping/Taconear
19:00 Public parc of the Caves : Running
20:00 Alto de Bayna Viewpoint : Contemplating

Summer Open Doors – AADK Spain –