TENDRE JARDIN, #2 foci > Ruffec (F) 2011

Invited by Denis Tricot to create a duet collaboration around the theme of the Writing Gardens, I was associated with Géraldine Ménard, working at the media-library in Ruffec. Inspired by the Carte de Tendre from the novel by Madeleine de Scudéry (Clélie, 10 volumes published between 1654 and 1660), we imagined a garden that explores the challenges of today’s couple. The map of the Precious was that of an allegorical country, Le Tendre, where the various paths of love drew the different steps and feelings that lead anyone, from the encounter to tenderness, affection or then indifference or hostility. In the North, if the lover manages to cross the dangerous Sea where passion bursts forth, a terra incognita opens up, which can represent the life of a couple.

The non-exhaustive answers of a survey in our circle of relatives around the issue:
what does it take for a couple to last? were used as a basis for establishing the different garden massifs’ categories. The 2 ellipse foci symbolize the 2 partners and the ancestral way of drawing it remains the method… of the gardener(!) with 2 fixed points (trees or specified items) and a rope, as we did in the field of Géraldine in Ruffec (Charente, F) to create the Tendre Jardin.


PREPARATORY DRAWINGS – Ellipse combinations