Performance for all audiences choreographed by Christian and François Ben Aïm, based on the illustrated book La forêt de Racine by Mélusine Thiry.

Racine is not like other little boys, no one has noticed that a forest has grown inside his head. Fleeing from a hostile grandmother and traumatic daily life, he runs into it to take refuge. It is in this encroaching forest, which changes with his emotions, that the little boy sets off on the most surprising adventures, gradually tracing a path that leads him back to himself.

The Ben Aïm brothers interweave their creative ideas with the unique imagination of the author, illustrator and videographer Mélusine Thiry. The scenography and video projections take the audience on a poetic journey between virtual images and bodies in motion, immersing them into a world that is as moving as it is extraordinary.

Choreography & scenography: Christian & François Ben Aïm – Performance: Grégoire Puren and Gilles Viandier – Video Creation: Mélusine Thiry – Musical Composition: Jean-Baptiste Sabiani – Lights: Laurent Patissier – Costumes: Dulcie Best.

The Ogress of the Archives and his Dog – CFB 451, 2011

In this madcap contemporary tale, the choreographers deconstruct and reinvent the fairy tale to help them narrate the more bizarre aspects of modern life. Princesses, ogresses and Little Red Riding Hoods coexist and metamorphose, probing the darker side of human nature. A strange, surreal fable performed by nine dancers, circus artists and musicians.

Choreography & scenography: Christian & François Ben Aïm – Performance: François Ben Aïm, Peggy Grelat-Dupont, Waldemar Kretchkowsky, Paolo Locci, Grégoire Puren, Pierre-Emmanuel Sorignet, Gilles Viandier, Bruno Ferrier (percussions & voice), Mathilde Sternat or Héloise Luzzati (cello) – Musical composition: Jean-Baptiste Sabiani except La Passion selon Saint Matthieu of Jean-Sébastien Bach – Lights: Laurent Patissier – Costumes: Dulcie Best – Video : Mélusine Thiry – General manager: Luc Béril