VLADIVOSTOK – Michèle Murray, 2003

« The very name of Vladivostok creates a mysterious atmosphere; linked to the surprising status of the frontier post, a former base for the Czar’s navy, last stop of the Trans-Siberian, and closed and secret city of the Soviet era. For the choreographer Michèle Murray it is a metaphorical city “at the periphery and margin of our world, offering all possible approaches to the known and unknown.”
Such is the subject of this piece, systematically accompanied by the rhythms of Chemical Brothers and Fat Boy Slim: mystery, and barriers that vanish between theater and dance, body and object. The performers cover a space filled with clothes, masks, wigs, trappings that offer every identity and all possible genders, movements, postures. But there are no accessories in Michèle Murray’s work. Everything on stage is charged and expressive without being psychological. The dancers—or physical actors as the choreographer calls them—create a state of urgency that propels the performance in every direction ; solos follow upon duets, indeed all combinations are good for this piece that ends with the dancers entwined in moving accumulations. Michèle Murray’s dance emerges from these feverish bustling body–objects. » Laurent Goumarre

Artistic Director: Michèle Murray – Artistic Collaboration: Maya Brosch – Performers: Maya Brosch, Mathias Dou, Waldemar Kretchkovsky, Marie Leca, Audrey Perin Vindt, Kevin Taylor, Gilles Viandier – Music: Fat Boy Slim, Chemical Brothers – Lights: Lutz Lange