For several years, thanks to my work as a performer in numerous contemporary dance companies and collaborations in France and Europe, I have been leading workshops with children in primary schools, kindergartens, colleges, and also with adult amateurs (for the team of Theatre 1789 in St Ouen, next to Paris, in Triangle in Rennes, F), or even with architecture students in Cluj-Napoca (RO), dancers of Dance Conservatories, or refugees and inhabitants in Nyon (CH).

Workshops linked to Street Pantone performance

Any Street Pantone fabric allows the development of tactile and kinesics qualities encountered in the practice of dance such as the different nuances of touch, balancing, counterbalancing, stretching of the fascias… as well as the coordinated collaboration of group actions.

During the workshops several notions are approached: Warm-up, anatomy of the body in movement, joints, skeleton, breathing, weight, coordination, jumping, movement qualities, speed, walking, rhythm, acting, emotions, strangeness, postures, space qualities, presence, gaze, partner, contact, yoga and relaxation notions…

Street Pantone – Configurations and possible actions in a group:

  • Unfolding the fabric with improvised consciousness
  • The carpet / picnic tablecloth
  • Face-to-face seating line in contact
  • The island of contacts: each person chooses his or her degree of intimacy spatially.
  • The trampoline: fabric entirely lifted by counterweight of bodies.
  • The waves
  • The race
  • The Shelter
  • The pile of bodies covered
  • Drawings of the fabric and the bodies on the ground
  • The snake or draped procession
  • The zig-zag layout
  • Turbans
  • The circular camp
  • The cocoons
  • Triangle or ring created between 3, 4 or more trees/reverberators
  • Masks / ghosts through the fabric
  • The curve created by elasticity between 2 trees or poles > improvised stage
  • Cladding a wall, a bridge, a building, a staircase, etc…
  • The garland on a tree
  • Inventions and free expressions alone or with several people