SINOPLE, revue 2022-23

Sinople, the nobility of the green

A bamboo structure suspended from a plane tree. A man on the ground, another standing further back, carrying a large backpack. The bag is green, as are the clothes and shoes. Gradually, they stand up, meet and unfold the bag, which turns out to be an immense 30-meter-long piece of green lycra. The two dancers move under and over this piece of fabric, lifting it, rolling it up, hiding in it, hanging it from another tree. The creator is Gilles Viandier, dancer, choreographer and architect. He invests public spaces to magnify and inhabit them differently, inviting spectators to change the way they look at and perceive them. With his partner Gaspard Charon, he invites them to move the fabric, shaking it like an immense wave, drawing them into a generous participation.

The stakes are manifold. The beginning of the show evokes the origin of the world, the first algae cells; then come seismic movements, tribal dances in a nature that we imagine in full bloom, underlined by an evocative sound environment. The sound of a flute and the voice of Clotilde Rullaud draw the audience into a shared chant.

The two dancers thread green electric sheaths onto their fingertips, transforming themselves into exotic birds. Sinople (the name of the colour green in coats of arms) by Cie Promenade d’artiste delivers its ecological message, and seduces.

Chris Bourgue   –   ZÉBULINE / LA MARSEILLAISE, July 11. 2023


Gilles Viandier deconstructs the Sinople

After orange, Gilles Viandier turns to green. In this new show, he deconstructs a colour that he sees with a fabric. A symbol of misfortune in theatre, Gilles Viandier dares to take on the colour green with Sinople, named after the heraldic colour, after playing with orange last year at Mimos. A new transformed performance, but that retains its key piece: a silk [lycra!] fabric. An object whose format has been deliberately modified. Furthermore, the artist is no longer alone on stage – there are now three of them. Changes brought by the green. For Gilles Viandier, this colour “is pivotal, in the middle of the spectrum“. “There are tons of green things” and thousands of images are attributed to it, depending on the culture : hope, oasis, the devil and even the game board. “The ping-pong table, the soccer field… we’re back to that middle situation, we don’t know who’s losing or who’s winning,” he explains. From game tables to greenwashing, from plants to pharmacies, it’s just a short step.

Any means necessary to occupy space

The dancer takes this one step further in his 70-minute performance, in which spectators should not remain indifferent. Gilles Viandier and his two comrades encourage them to participate “at several points to help us transport and install the fabric“. The artist can go even further. This qualified architect occupies spaces to the maximum and by any means necessary. “I’ve already had people come up to me and offer to put the fabric through their windows,” he says. A more difficult method in Périgueux, since he will be playing this weekend at 11am in the garden of the Espace François Mitterrand. A terrain that doesn’t scare the dancer. He has performed in numerous urban, semi-urban, landscape and even dam settings. And that’s what he likes. “In each city we recreate the project, the route“, not hesitating to insert historical points or any information attached to the green. He admits it himself: “green has overtaken me“, even if his favorite colour remains yellow.

Pierre Bourgès – SUD OUEST – DORDOGNE, July 10. 2022