Marseille (F) – Cité des arts de la rue, 2021 + Friche Belle de Mai, 2019

Cité des arts de la rue, May 2021

Blue Street Pantone is invited by Karwan (Builders of territorial cultural projects in Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur Region) for the meeting of the R.I.R. Réseau Inter-régional en Rue. In echo to the 30 meters of lycra fabric, 30 meters of colored waste were collected upstream in the Aygalades stream, below the Cité des arts de la rue… and the river!

Performance: Gilles Viandier / Association Promenade d’artiste – Sound & Management: Léa Montalbano & Léna Le Corre – Outside view: Alexandre Lucas – Camera: Romain Morel – Editing: Caté Veleski – Music: Vivaldi, Cum Dederit / Gotan Project, Diferente / Laboréal, 524 Hz / Joni Mitchell, Blue – Thanks to Anne Guiot.

Friche Belle de Mai, September 2019

For its 13th edition on September 13. & 14. 2019, the Préavis de Désordre Urbain (PDU) festival moves from funeral to rebirth inviting contributions from all artists of the 12 previous editions and becomes Plexus Rouge #0, a performative festival in the inner spaces of the Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille. Blue Street Pantone takes place as a floating tunnel inviting people to a new birth from ground to sky, led by a creature with pink wonderheel leg boots. Photos: Patrick Glotain –