New color especially prepared for the Sismograf Dance festival 2020 in Olot in Catalonia, Spain which was canceled due to the quarantine triggered by the Covid 19 international health crisis. Video designed, shot and edited in 3 days at the Labo Novo, International Performance Art Station in Reillanne (France), April 2020.

Tribute to George Gershwin, the opening of Woody Allen’s film Manhattan, to the burlesque of silent films, to Spiderman and Loïe Füller as well as to the Coronavirus present in our lives and our screens since the beginning of 2020, as a personification and a new “barrier” gesture against possible facial recognition measures.

Music: Rhapsody in Blue, George Gershwin – Conception & Performance: Gilles Viandier – Camera: Maria Estevens M. – Editing: Caté Veleski – Production: Sismograf Dance Festival, Olot (Catalonia, Spain) 2020