MAUVAIS SANG – Anima Fact Collective, 2020

« Mauvais Sang is a multifaceted project mixing archaeology, ethnology, anthropology and multidisciplinary artistic practices. It is built by twelve artists in search of bodies, traces, memories, musicality and fictions. Together, they unearth a past brutally overturned by a scourge from another age, that of the plague, an invisible nuclear radiation or a contemporary virus. They extract the traces of a lost civilization strangely close to ours. The theatrical, choreographic, musical and plastic discoveries of each one are superimposed to form a single dreamlike mosaic in the form of visions carried pell-mell where the spectator-traveller (“who comes back from far away”) is invited to wander, to live, to search earth and memory, to rub elbows with the feeling of the worst. » Stéphane Cheynis, Ophrénie Theatre‘ s director.

“Under the action of the scourge, the frames of society are liquefying. Order falls. He witnesses all the moral upheavals, all the debacles of psychology, he hears within him the murmur of his moods, torn, in the midst of defeat, and which, in a dizzying loss of matter, become heavy and gradually metamorphose into coal. Is it too late to ward off the scourge? » Antonin Artaud, The theatre and the plague.